Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Cove: An Unforgettable Documentary

D olphins...they are magical creatures and one of the most fascinating and intelligent species on the planet. I remember being introduced to dolphins when "Flipper" debuted on television in the 60s. Today you can see trained dolphins in any number of venues all over the world.

Rick O'Berry was the man who captured and trained the first Flipper. Over the three years the popular program aired, several more dolphins were captured and trained as doubles. O'Berry lived and worked with the dolphins 24/7. He was riding a wave of success. Then one day one of his beloved dolphins swam into his arms, looked into his eyes and died. At that moment everything changed for O'Berry. After that he became an advocate for dolphins everywhere and began working to free dolphins in captivity.

The Cove is a documentary about O'Berry's quest to reveal the truth about the killing of huge numbers of dolphins off the coast of Japan, in a cove near the village of Taiji.

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