Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I Promise, It's Not Lame to Ask a Woman for Permission

Ran across this post somewhere and immediately thought of my grandson. He is a freshman in college this year. I don't get to spend enough time with him, but he knows that I think of him growing up and becoming a man. So, now I have posted this here and can't figure out a way to tell him it is here and he should read it. I'm embarrassed because I think he would be embarrassed to know that I posted this for him. Oh well. If anyone can benefit from this information ... then great! It is posted with love. I Promise, It's Not Lame to Ask a Woman for Permission

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Public Tableau ... Amy Siskind's List of Changes


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Best Part Of Comey Day: Twitter’s Reaction To McCain’s Bizarre Questions

UPDATE: July 23, 2017 Since this video aired, Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer. He recently underwent surgery to remove a blood clot over his eye and that is when the biopsy revealed his brain cancer. I'm sure that this video, captured during Comey's hearing, was a red flag to those who recognize these things. Thank goodness. Now he can make decisions about his options going forward. Lives change in the blink of an eye. Live life like there is no tomorrow. Best Part Of Comey Day: Twitter’s Reaction To McCain’s Bizarre Questions

Monday, April 17, 2017

Transgenders and the North Carolina Bathroom Law

It happened. It's no secret that my son-in-law and I do not agree on many things ... politics especially. This affects my daughter and my grandkids, especially if he and I start to argue our different points of view in front of them. I am a bleeding heart liberal. He is a conservative, gun toting, law enforcement officer who grew up in North Carolina. He must be in control. He usually ignores me, but when he decides to engage, he doesn't hesitate to speak his mind. What he lacks in real facts he makes up in the volume of his voice when offering his opinion. I gave up a long time ago trying to have a quiet, meaningful discussion about our differences.

We don't socialize very much as a family anymore because of it. Who needs that?

So, I was happy to be invited to share an Easter dinner at their house this past weekend and had decided not to bring up anything controversial, just to keep the peace.

Recently, the SIL had been gifted with a trip to the NCAA finals in Phoenix to watch his beloved Tar Heels take the win. It was a bucket-list check-off item.

My husband and I asked how he liked the experience. We thought it would be a good (and safe) subject to start a conversation. That's when he shifted the conversation to how unfair it was that the game couldn't be held in North Carolina because of the Transgender Law that had been passed and that the state had lost a lot of revenue because other businesses had boycotted the state. It just wasn't right.

He didn't understand how people would think it was okay for someone with a penis to be in the same restroom with his 15-year-old daughter. It all must be a conspiracy to attack young girls in restrooms.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My mouth flew open and I was right up in his kool aid. "What, you think you know who has a penis and who doesn't? Are you going to question everyone who goes into a public restroom before you let your daughter go in there? Or should we just not let your child go into a bathroom by herself?" Oh, I was livid. This is the fear mongering silliness of conservatives that drives me mad.

He feels like this ^ and I feel like this >

He's worried about someone molesting his daughter.
 I'm thinking, "We have probably been sharing our restrooms with transgender people whether or not we can identify who they are or not. 
I've never felt threatened in a bathroom. "

I'm thinking how big a deal is this, anyway? 
Evidently, he, and the state of North Carolina, think it's a big fucking deal. 

Do people really think that identifying as a transgender is a choice? 
The choice is really between hiding the fact, or coming out and dealing with it. They are who they are. I see no reason for fear.
They deserve their civil rights, just as all other Americans do. 

There's a reason that North Carolina is being boycotted. 
This is a law that makes no sense. 
We do not need a bathroom monitor to take care of our personal business. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Can I Get An Amen????

You all know those posts ... the ones that ask you to copy and paste, say "Amen, " and say "Yes." There are reasons these kinds of posts are so popular. They are created to get you to respond while someone captures your name and vital information in a data mining scam. Please read this article and see how they do it and how you can stop them in their tracks.

Read the article HERE.

Monday, January 23, 2017

CBS Confirms Trump Brought His Own Studio Audience To Clap For Him At CIA Speech

"Out of thousands invited, 400 RSVP’d, and “Officials dismiss White House claims that there were people waiting to get into the event.” No, there were not people waiting to get in. That’s a line Trump loves to use, fitting in with his difficulty accepting the reality of the relatively low attendance numbers for his inauguration. All the world’s a stage to Trump.
While Trump supporters have used his Saturday visit to the CIA as proof that everyone who matters loves the new President, in reality his visit did more damage than good."
Read the full article here.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

This is the poem that Butch and I sent each other ... 
at the exact same time ... 
the second day we began our relationship online. 
Synchronicity at its finest. 
Magic materialized. 

Day Three - They Will Lie And Deceive

Miss Q on January 21, 2017 participating in the 
Women's March, a world-wide event.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Thursday, January 19, 2017


"Let the record show that I did not consent to this.

Let it show that I did not vote for this man, that he did not represent me, that I did not believe he was deserving of being here, that I grieved his ascension.

Let History record my objection to him, to the ways he humiliated women and vilified Muslims and threatened protesters and disregarded people of color.

Let it record my repulsion at his tremendous cruelty, his lack of compassion, his contempt for dissension, his absence of simple decency.

Let witnesses mark down my disgust at the way he boasted of infidelity, at how he ridiculed a disabled reporter, at the way he attacked female opponents for their appearance, at the way he marginalized immigrants.

Let it be remembered that I did not look the other way when women accused him of assault, when the reality of his Russian alliances came to light, when he refused to share his tax records—though large portions of the American media and its people chose to.

Let it be remembered that I did not buy into the fear that he perpetuated of those with brown skin or hijabs or foreign birthplaces.

Let the record show that I looked on with disbelief as he spent countless early morning and middle-of-the-night hours following the election on social media, broadcasting a steady stream of petulant, insecure, incoherent messages instead of preparing to do a job he was ill-equipped for and seemingly not all that interested in.

Let the record show that I watched him assemble a Cabinet of billionaires and bigots, of people woefully unqualified to steward our children, our safety, our healthcare, our financial stability—and that I was horrified by it all.

Let it be remembered that my faith would not allow me to fall in line behind this man while so many professed religious people did; that I saw nothing resembling Jesus in him, and that to declare him Christian would have been to toss aside everything I grew up believing faith in Christ manifested in a life.

Let History record my grieving at the racism and bigotry and homophobia that characterized his campaign, marked his supporters, and is evident in his assembling Administration.

Let it be known that I was one of the more than 65 million people who voted for Hillary Clinton; who understood that though flawed, she was an intelligent, experienced, passionate public servant with the temperament, commitment, and qualifications to lead and lead well.

Let the record show that I greatly lamented the day of his inauguration, and that I promised to join together with other good people to loudly resist and oppose every unscrupulous, dangerous, unjust and dishonest act this new Administration engages in.

History has been littered with horrible people who did terrible things with power, because too many good people remained silent. And since my fear is that we are surely entering one of those periods in our story, I wanted to make sure that I was recorded for posterity:

I do not believe this man is normal.
I do not believe he is emotionally stable.
I do not believe he cares about the full, beautiful diversity of America.
I do not believe he respects women.
I do not believe he is pro-life other than his own.
I do not believe the sick and the poor and the hurting matter to him in the slightest.
I do not believe he is a man of faith or integrity or nobility.
I do not believe his concern is for anything outside his reflection in the mirror.

I believe he is a danger to our children.
I believe he is a threat to our safety.
I believe he is careless with our people.
I believe he is reckless with his power.
I believe America will be less secure, less diverse, less compassionate, and less decent under his leadership.

And if I prove to be wrong, it will be one of the most joyful errors of my life. I will own these words and if necessary, willingly and gladly admit my misjudgment because it will mean that America is a better and stronger nation, and the world a more peaceful place.

But right now I don’t see that happening.

Right now I am worried for my country, concerned for our planet, scared for the future of my children, and greatly saddened that 62 million Americans seem okay with all of this.

Let the record show that I was not okay with it.

Not at all."

Thank you John Pavlovitz for this - http://johnpavlovitz.com/2017/01/19/let-the-record-show/

Trump wants to lead America — with a Cabinet that doesn’t look anything like it

Here's a list of cabinet members Trump has chosen to run this country. Read about them here.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Nicole Kidman on Donald Trump

Donald Trump doesn't come up until the end of this clip. What is interesting is Nicole Kidman and what she reveals in this interview. I have often wondered about her relationship with the talented and adorable Keith Urban. What do you think?