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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Donald's tweet this past week.

The Possible Reason for Justice Kennedy's exit from the Supreme Court

Passing this along. Don't know what to think...

Re: the timing of Justice Kennedy's exit. 

"Deutsche Bank, the only bank that would lend to Trump after his multiple bankruptcies, the bank that paid $630 million in fines for organizing $10 billion in sham trades that could have been used to launder money out of Russia, the bank that was fined $41 million by the US Federal Reserve on Tuesday over failures to screen billions of dollars in potentially suspicions transactions ...
That bank took on key recruits to handle's Trump transactions, including two from Goldman Sachs. "Justin Kennedy, a trader who arrived from Goldman to become one of Mr. Trump’s most trusted associates over a 12-year spell at Deutsche, is the son of a Supreme Court justice." Justin ran Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities for Deutsche Bank.
Deutsche Bank is currently under investigation for possible ties to Russian money laundering in the Trump campaign.
But it's not just the Deutsche bank connection. Justin Kennedy is also tied to Trump through his company LNR real estate, which oversees the mortgage on Kushner’s very-troubled 666 5th Ave. Essentially, through its holdings, Kennedy’s company bailed out 666, which Kushner bought for 1.9 billion at the height of the market in 2007. So it would not be an exaggeration to say that Justin Kennedy's financial fate is directly tied into the financial fortunes of Kushner and Trump.
But it's not just Justin & Deutsche and LNR/Vornado/666 ... that tie the Kennedys to Trump …
Justice Kennedy’s other son, Gregory, benefited directly by an appointment at NASA as a Senior Financial Adviser after Trump was inaugurated. ProPublica reports that he’s part of a so-called “beachhead team” that Trump installed at the space agency to keep an eye on how things are running. No information on whether or not Gregory Kennedy will have any involvement in the development of Trump’s announced “Space Force”.

Gregory Kennedy also went to Stanford Law School with Peter Thiel, the only Silicon Valley mogul who backed Trump’s campaign and serves as an advisor to Trump on technology issues. Thiel is a close friend to Robert Mercer, co-founder, with Steve Bannon, of Cambridge Analytica. An employee of his company, Palantir, aided Cambridge Analytica in its scheme to skew the elections by stealing data from Facebook to target 50 million FB users with opinion, disinformation and lies via memes and posts. Kennedy and Thiel served as back-to-back presidents of the Federalist Society, and Kennedy’s firm, Disruptive Technology Advisers, has worked with Thiel’s company Palantir Technologies.
The new SCOTUS, with now two Trump appointees will weigh in not just on various civil rights issues of enormous consequence, they will also weigh in very shortly on a question critical the Mueller investigation – a question of double jeopoardy. When crimes fall under both state and federal jurisdictions, they may undergo separate trials, even with separate outcomes, much as this can happen with civil and criminal cases. The POTUS can pardon those charged in federal crimes, but not state crimes. So if the newly-skewed SCOTUS rules that this constitutes double jeopardy, one of the most potent quivers in Mueller’s arsenal will be broken in half.
The new SCOTUS may also in due time be asked to rule on whether or not a sitting president can be indicted on criminal charges.
If this is all beginning to feel a little like a “fix” to you … well, you’re not alone."