Saturday, August 14, 2010

Religious Freedom, Constitutional Rights, A Muslim Mosque And The Radical Right

President Obama spoke to Muslims Friday night in honor of Ramadan. I am never so proud to be an American than when he speaks. It is at times like these that I am so glad that he taught Constitutional Law and can speak to the essence of America's foundation.

Following is a video provided by that offers their viewpoint on the proposed building of a Muslim Community Center and Mosque near Ground Zero in New York City. It is a fine example of text-book propaganda using scare tactics and emotional hooks.

Written a couple of weeks ago, The Dangerous Nature of Sarah Palin's Lies, is one of the most comprehensive articles written on the subject of the Muslim Mosque. It outlines exactly how far away the Mosque would be from Ground Zero and shows the actual building and street where the proposed facility will be built. The Stand Up For Our Nation blog continues to shine a light on more aspects of this issue in subsequent posts.

And finally, here is a fresh perspective written by a local resident in the NY City neighborhood where the Mosque is to be built. ....Today I was alerted to  this down-to-earth article.

IMO, the Constitution demands that we allow all Americans the right to freedom of religion. A community center financed and built by Muslims a few blocks from Ground Zero is benign and will actually provide a space for the community to come together to play and learn from one another. Lighten up one another.