Saturday, April 30, 2011

The President Loosens Up At The White House Correspondents' Dinner

It's been too long since I laughed out loud like I did tonight when President Obama spoke at The White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Humiliation, Riding On A Carpet Of Racism

This video by Baratunde Thurston sums up the outrage we should all feel after the events of yesterday when our President, Barack Obama, offered his birth certificate up for public view after Donald Trump has stolen the media spotlight with his ridiculous, racist actions and words.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goldie Taylor Explains Racist History Of Demanding Identification on Rachel Maddow's Show

It has always been about race. No matter how much they deny it, it has always been about race.

Today on Rachel Maddow's show...Goldie Taylor, contributing editor for, tells the story of the arrest of her great, great grandfather, Major Blackard, to explain the racist history of demanding identification from African-Americans and its connection to present-day "birtherism."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Earth Day...The Life Of A Water Bottle

Click on the pic to enlarge it.

Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog: "The Grand Old Birther Party"

My husband held a top-secret Q clearance when he worked at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

You can bet your life that Barack Hussein Obama was checked out for years before he was even allowed to get involved in high-level government business.

I don't know what conservatives are thinking when they suggest that President Obama is not a natural born citizen of the USA. Maybe they remember back when Sarah Palin was picked to run with John McCain. Now there is a candidate that was never vetted before she was thrust upon the American people. Duh!

I blame most of the misinformation on Fox News. It sure seems that those who get their information from that source are certainly mislead. They don't seem to have an original thought beyond the party line either. They repeat stuff they don't even understand and refuse to listen to another point of view.

And now Donald Trump is their new favorite candidate? Give me a break. Do they really think that man has a moral compass? He's a blow hard who publically fought with Rosie O'Donnell, remember? Yeah, he'd be a good choice to negotiate policy and foreign relations.

From Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog.....

Posted 4/21/2011
The Grand Old Birther Party
by JM Ashby

With or without Donald Trump, the Republican party is now the Birther Party. I certainly wouldn't defend Trump under any circumstances, but I would like to point out that he is simply playing the game that was already established before he arrived at the crime scene.

A new poll released today by the New York times and CBS shows that 69% of Republican voters either believe president wasn't born in the United States or they aren't sure.

A plurality of Republican voters, 47 percent, said they believed Mr. Obama, who was born in Hawaii, was born in another country; 22 percent said they did not know where he was born, and 32 percent said they believed he was born in the United States.

A separate poll released last week by Public Policy Polling also found that a full 23 percent of Republican voters would not cast their ballot for a candidate who believes the president is an American citizen.

The truth is you can't spend four years whipping up the base by encouraging their racist-worldviews through various winks and nods and then expect them to nominate someone reasonable when the time comes to do so. It just doesn't work that way. Donald Trump may have captured the spotlight right now, but the entire conservative establishment is responsible for creating the environment in which a candidate such as Trump can even exist.

Elected officials. Talk-radio. Conservative pundits. Fox News. They're all guilty. They failed to stomp out the fire while it was small and isolated because it was more convenient to let it fester and grow. That fire has now morphed into a blazing inferno that will more than likely leave the Republican Party with a birther as their presidential nominee.

Nearly every candidate currently running or considering running for the Republican nomination has at some point in the recent past closely associated with birthers, declared themselves to be birther, or dished out winks and nods when confronted by the issue. Donald Trump is simply doing the best job at exploiting the emotions that were already present among Republican voters.

I applaud Lawrence O'Donnell's dedication to exposing Trump as an emotionally-exploitative fraudster, but I believe he is missing the larger point. The entire Republican Party is guilty-as-charged, and while the establishment scolds Trump as being a "joke," behind the scenes they're really just angry because he stole their mojo, not because they disagree with him.

To watch what some of these people say, go to this video.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

What In The World Are They Spraying?

Dear Alex, Abby, Kira, Michael, Anthony, and all the other children in this world.

You are too young right now to know about what is going on in the world, but I'm not. I turn 65 years old in less than a month and you are children, innocent children. Maybe one day you will read this blog and see that I was interested in the environment that you have inherited.

There is something going on in this world and it frightens me. Actually, it scares the crap out of me. I think we are being poisoned. I think our forests, land, oceans, lakes, people, animals...all of God's creation is being poisoned. I don't know who is doing it, but there is evidence that it is happening.

Geoengineering is the word. Most people don't know that there are 32 weather modification programs in the works today. Somebody is controlling the climate by spreading an aerosol of aluminum, barium and strontium via airplanes that criss-cross our skies. This deadly aerosol drifts down on our planet, without any oversight or restrictions. Scientists around the world are concerned and have determined that nature is being impacted in a very negative way.

This video is over an hour long, but it shows what is going on right now. I hope you watch it some day. Because you might just understand what happened to the world when you were too young to pay attention.

Heck, people in this country are living their lives as if nothing is going on. Yet, they see the chemtrails in the sky. They comment about how we can't see the horizon anymore. They know we are genetically engineering our seeds and passing legislation to tinker with nature more and more. By the time they figure out what has transpired, it will be too late. It may be too late already.

WARNING:  After you watch this film, you will never look at the sky like you did before.

Here is a website where I will be going to follow this issue. Maybe someone else will find it of interest as well.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I Was Born In Hawaii And I Don't 'Have Horns'

Obama to Stephanopoulos on

“I think that over the last two and a half years there’s been an effort to go at me in a way that is politically expedient in the short-term for Republicans. But [it] creates, I think a problem for them when they want to actually run in a general election where most people feel pretty confident the President was born where he says he was, in Hawaii. He– he doesn’t have horns…we’re not really worrying about conspiracy theories or– or birth certificates,” President Obama told me.

And in all my talks with Obama I think it was the first time he was one the same page as Karl Rove who thinks the “birther” controversy is hurting the GOP.

“The truth of the matter is that I think that the vast majority of Americans across the country – Democratic or Republican – really want this election to be about growing the economy, getting control of the deficit, preparing the future for our kids. And my suspicion is that anybody who is not addressing those questions…Is going to be in trouble. I think they may get a quick pop in the news. They may get a lot of attention. But ultimately, the American people understand this is a serious, sober time,” he told me.

And as the interview wound down the president got ready to his hometown this afternoon for the first fundraising rallies of his last campaign.

Who's Serious Now?

Paul Krugman writes today in the New York Times...
"Paul Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, sounds upset. And you can see why: President Obama, to the great relief of progressives, has called his bluff.

Last week, Mr. Ryan unveiled his budget proposal, and the initial reaction of much of the punditocracy was best summed up (sarcastically) by the blogger John Cole: “The plan is bold! It is serious! It took courage! It re-frames the debate! The ball is in Obama’s court! Very wonky! It is a game-changer! Did I mention it is serious?”

Then people who actually understand budget numbers went to work, and it became clear that the proposal wasn’t serious at all. In fact, it was a sick joke. The only real things in it were savage cuts in aid to the needy and the uninsured, huge tax cuts for corporations and the rich, and Medicare privatization. All the alleged cost savings were pure fantasy. "

To read the whole article, go here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Like Alan Simpson

Here is Alan Simpson (R) of Wyoming with Chris Matthews on Hardball. I like this guy.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Okay Wingnuts, Here's Obama's Birth Certificate

This is a copy of President Barack Obama's birth certificate.

Donald Trump is a birther.
I think that is so funny.
I watched him go on and on about the president's birth certificate yesterday on CNN. If you have any other questions about Obama's birth certificate or any other number of remarks or documents that you need to verify for the truth, go to Politifacts. It is an interesting site and you will be surprised at all the lies that are repeated and repeated. It's kinda like the of politics.

To read all about Obama's birth certificate and other related topics, go here.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%"

 This is a topic that needs to be discussed. That's why I am posting a recent article from Vanity Fair magazine and inviting you to read it and leave a comment. I just don't understand where the problem is with changing some of the tax codes to tie up some loop holes and tighten up what mega corporations can wiggle through as they continue to rake in record profits.

Watch this video by Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent from Vermont, as he talks about the top ten worst corporate Income Tax avoiders.

The other thing I don't understand is why so many of the people I know, conservative and liberal, aren't speaking out about this?

What happened to fair play? What happened to equality of opportunity for all in America? What happened to our sense of community? No one seems to care anymore.

Go here to read, "Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%" 

I look forward to your comments.