Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sarah Palin To Speak At Fundraiser For West Hills College In May

Sarah Palin has been chosen to give the keynote address at a fundraising function for West Hills College. The small community college main campus is located in Coalinga, CA. The speech will take place in Lemoore, California where there is a newer satellite campus.

According to sources, Palin will be paid $115K for her speech, and excitement is building as all the $25,000 tickets have been sold. Republican money is tied to Agribusiness in these parts.

I thought it was interesting that a student at the college voiced hope that Sarah Palin's appearance might generate funds for student programs at the college. Unfortunately, the purpose of the fundraiser seems to be to keep a sports arena staffed and maintained.

During her speech maybe Sarah will tell the story about how she built the Sports Complex when she was mayor of Wasilla. But I bet she won't talk about the fact that the land she built the complex on didn't belong to the city and that unraveling the title left Wasilla with  20 million dollars of debt. Read about it here. Nor will she mention that her home has many of the same features and materials that were incorporated into the Sports Complex.

I don't expect Sarah to mention anything about education. That doesn't seem to be something that she even pushes for her children. Nor will she offer any solutions for students on how to pay for an ever-increasing college education, either.

But I'll bet she will criticize the Obama administration more than once and reiterate how the lamestream media and Democrats are picking on her. In other words, it's probably going to be another SOSDV #sameoldspeechdifferentvenue.
Here is the link to the local ABC News program in Fresno, CA.
West Hills Community College  here.


  1. I'm sure none of those Rethuglican Agribusiness owners will forfeit their tax write-offs or guvmt subsidies...if some don't like the way our govt works..really start by not writing off business expenses and taking guvment monies....gonna go see who is on their board of directors....wish me luck...

  2. Checked out the so-called college and it appears they do more entertaining than edumacation....concerts every weekend and some weekdays...geezzz..

    Snoop Dog will be on campus around the the date of Serror's word salad...maybe they will do a duet...

  3. If you go to the college, you can tie up the ticket buying process...have a little fun with it.... i'm having a little too much fun with it....

  4. hahaha. Hello Anonymous. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. There are no waiting lines

    The thought of Snoop and Scarah laaa laaa.

  5. Interesting is the website for the ticket vendor. They sell tickets to events all over the country.

    It seems odd to me.

    BTW...General admission tickets start at $25 and go up to $250. The $25K tickets are for donors.