Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spread Kindness + New Video!

It's so simple
And easy
And fun 
Spread Kindness.

(click to enlarge)

There's a wonderful little not-for-profit organization that focuses on doing kind things for others. They are looking for like-minded people to join the cause. Won't you visit their website, watch and share their video and get involved? You can organize events wherever you are and invite your friends to participate! Isn't that cool?

I think you will really like this video!

For more information about how Spread Kindness started, go to this newspaper article written for the San Ramon Patch, a small community newspaper in the greater San Francisco bay area.

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  1. Having a problem with the video. Take a look at some of my other posts and enjoy! Come back to visit again really soon!

  2. Video is up and it will have you tapping your toes. Enjoy!