Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tina Fey On Women And The Politics of Sarah Palin

From the Huffington Post,

When Tina Fey was honored by the Kennedy Center and awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, the comedienne, known for her dead-on impersonation of Sarah Palin, took some pointed swipes at the former Alaska governor when receiving the award.

"Politics aside, the success of Sarah Palin and women like her is good for all women -- except, of course, those who will end up paying for their own rape kit and stuff. But for everybody else, it's a win-win. Unless you're a gay woman who wants to marry your partner of 20 years. Whatever. But for most women, the success of conservative women is good for all of us. Unless you believe in evolution. You know -- actually, I take it back. The whole thing's a disaster. "

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I think the floodgates are opening now. Palin has all but thrown her hat in the ring for a Presidential run in 2012 and people are feeling like they have nothing to lose by offering up their opinions about her qualifications and character. I just watched the tapes of her Hannity interview in conjunction with her new book release and she said more than once that she would offer herself up for public service if she thought her family and her country supported that. Public service?

Rape Kits today, dairygate tomorrow, graft, corruption, lies...it's time it all comes out. It's time that the real Sarah Palin is exposed.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for putting up the Respewdiate piece, and thanks for helping to spread the word on the Quitters reality...Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. My pleasure Flyinureye. I am a fan of your endless artistic talent.