Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Chris Christie: The Most Corrupt Governor in America

Thanks Bob Cesca!

Now that former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has been yanked out of political circulation with his two-year prison sentence, Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) can officially ascend to the post of the Most Corrupt Governor In America. Seriously, mark your calendars because Sunday’s playoff game in Dallas heralded the end of the Christie presidential campaign — that is if it ever existed in the first place.
And of course it wasn’t just the super awkward owner’s box celebration during which Christie, evidently dressed in Fat Albert cosplay, lovingly embraced Jerry Jones and some other guy after the Cowboys clinched the wildcard victory. The freeze frame looks like it’s from the end of a wacky 1980s prime time sitcom, just before the credits roll. Have we actually seen Christie hug another human being, like, ever? Not that I can recall, which made his effusive PDA look even more awkward since he only ever gets that close to other humans in order to hector them at the boardwalk. Oh, and during that brief moment in which Jones denied Christie’s attempt at a high-five, it made Christie look like a wormy, tag-along sidekick who’s desperately seeking approval from the cool kids — and not getting it.
Not a very presidential moment, to say the least.


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