Monday, June 29, 2015

Sixth Great Mass Extinction Event Begins ...

From everything I've read about Climate Change, 

I believe that we are definitely on a trend into the scary part of the unknown. Watching the planet and its inhabitants evolve over time ... my lifetime ... is of great interest to me. 

If I am anything, I am a student of my own life. How I perceive and interact in this world determines who I am. I typically spend several hours a day reading about all kinds of eclectic topics. Environmental news is attractive because I know my very existence as a human may depend on it ... you know, be aware of your surroundings.  

I am currently living in central California, which is smack-dab in the middle of a drought. It's 108 degrees today. We are reclaiming the desert at an alarming rate.

Having this blog is part of my process. I might have told you before, but this little blog is like a file cabinet for me. I throw stuff in here to keep for awhile. Reference material. Things that amuse me or strike a chord. 

Which brings me to this Sixth Great Mass-Extinction Event that is kicking off this year. 

I remain an optimist and am betting on the human race to wake up and begin to make better choices toward sustainability if not survival. 

I have no idea what will happen over a great amount of time. I am 69 years old, so how many years do I have? Maybe one of the grandkids will find this interesting ... an old relic from the past. Who knows?  

Read about it here. 

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