Thursday, August 6, 2015

Links to Planned Parenthood Regarding Fetal Tissue Donations UPDATED.

Politifact weighs in on the latest uproar about Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue donations. This is a result of a video that appeared on the internet this week that shows a Planned Parenthood executive discussing fetal tissue donations with some actors who were under the guise of representing a research facility that was interested in a purchase of fetal tissue.

In the past few days I have posted information on FaceBook that I culled from various sources, and last night I was holding my own in an active live discussion with someone I grew up with from my little country hometown. I guess I wore him out, because it was late and he disappeared.

Today he asked me for the information that supported what I was saying.  So, I went to Google of course. All I did was type "fetal tissue donations through Planned Parenthood" and there were all the links anyone could read. Here are the first few that seem legitimate to me. You are welcome to do your own research if you have more questions.

The first article is from and is written by Stephanie Armour.

Start here:  Politifact Sheet: Eight Things To Know About The Planned Parenthood Controversy. 

"Planned Parenthood: How Ethical Is Fetal Tissue Donation?" by Rachael Rettner. She is the Senior Writer for

Finally, I liked this article from the Wall Street Journal:  5 Things to Know About Planned Parenthood

Keeping knowledgeable about political issues is kind of like a hobby with me. I enjoy reading and learning about all kinds of topics and then I share them with basically anyone who wants the info. Always a teacher ... what can I say?

The second Republican debate was last night and Carly Fiorino had some comments about Planned Parenthood that Politifact checked out today. Yep, what she said is false. Here is the link for this one HERE. 

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