Monday, September 14, 2015

American Graffiti

Found this over at BrainSpank and thought it was a very interesting take on the Immigration issue that seems to be the cornerstone of the Republican agenda right now.

by Michael Douglass
Immigration is not a problem in America.
It is not an issue.
It never has been.
It’s not a deficit in any way.
It’s a goddamn net positive for all of us.
It always has been.
What it is now, is what it always has been.
A deliberately organized, thoroughly pernicious distraction.
No immigrant has ever stolen a job from an American.
Teabilly fucks should be grateful for the brown folks because without them their colons would  be bound up like mummified sausages.  Their rectums would be like packed with concrete for not being able to afford roughage in their diet.  Brown people are the only reason these miscreants can afford to supplement their ramen, spaghettio and pancake diets with fiber in the form of leafy greens, vegetables and grains so they can take a decent crap in whatever they recognize as a toilet.
Build a wall.
Fuck me that’s stupid.
When was the last time a goddamn wall worked?
Lord of The Rings?
You wanna end it?  Go after the fat white business owners who exploit the slave labor.  They capitalize the profits and socialize the losses and  never miss an opportunity to propagate the xenophobic hatred.  Demonizing the poor brown folks and their wives and children is the only way to insure they get to abuse the help at restaurants, hotels and on cruises and still turn a profit.
We don’t need a northern border because they understand we’re fucking nuts and want no part of this.  Pretty soon they will need a wall.
Nevermind that Mexican immigration is at damn near net zero and the only reason anyone from south of our border ever wanted to come here is to flee the horrific conditions that American greed and lust created in their countries in the first place.
We complain they breed irresponsibly but never acknowledge that it’s because we forced religion down their necks with muskets hundreds of years ago to “civilize” them.
The tacit agreement is they can avail themselves of emergency rooms and a limited amount of other social services and our hamburgers and salads don’t cost fifty bucks a pop.
We absolutely enjoy this transaction whether we’re aware of it or not.
It’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever observed about American culture save for the open air practice of slavery.
And here’s what flat out amazes me.  It’s the number one republican campaign issue.  Number fucking one.  Of all the issues facing us, like our survival as a species, perpetual war and America’s own very real potential for becoming a third world country, this is what the mouth breathers are screeching about.  Something like half of us are self righteously indignant enough about brown people to somehow single them out for costing us a few dollars a month for the services they provide at an insane bargain rate.
What the fuck is wrong with us?
Like any of them would risk voting or reporting a crime or trying to get food stamps or welfare.
So once again half of us are so consumed with worry about this “problem” of our own device, it’s become a single issue litmus test for every single republican candidate.
There is one racist prick jackmammering the rest of us with this message and instead of calling him on it, the republican bench struggles to say the stupidest shit they can think of hoping for a spotlight in his venue.  It’s like they all fell off a truck he was driving and can’t think of anything but to chase it.
Drinks for my friends.

Read the original HERE.

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