Friday, June 24, 2011

Lie To Me

Coinciding with the release of Bristol Palin's memoir this week, I have a need to revisit a couple of interviews that Levi did with his Mom and sister. One was on the Tyra Banks show and the other was on Larry King Live. This was after Levi and Bristol's first breakup when they were fighting over custody of Tripp...spring of 2009. There is a lot of information in these interviews and videos. I think it is time to listen to Levi's side of the story. Did the Palin's know that Bristol and Levi were sexually active? Was Levi at the Palin's house most of the time? Were the couple trying to have a child? How did they break the news to both families? What was their reaction?

Take a look at this interview with Larry King. Watch Levi's face when he speaks and listen carefully. At about 4:16 he stumbles and recovers very quickly when referring to Bristol's age. He starts to say 16 and then changes it to 18. Watch his eyes dart at the camera when he recovers. This has bothered me since the first time I watched this video. What do you think?

Here is the link to the Part II of the interview. And here is part III.

And then there is this video compilation by The Young Turks of Levi, Sherrie and Mercede on the Tyra Banks Show. Watch around the 6:30 minute mark for Sherrie to make reference to Levi's age..".forget about being 17. That went right out the window. I was excited to be a gramma," she says.


  1. DiAnne - Thank you very much for putting these two videos in one place. Especially now with the release of Bristol's ghost-written "book", your efforts here are very timely. Having the clues as to what to look for is a big help. Great Job!

  2. Dont you think if Trig were Bristol's, Levi would have given Sadie SOME hint so shed quit making herself appear like a liar who doesnt know it? I mean, she already walked back her first claim of "I am sure Bristol was never pregnant before Tripp" but continues to believe Trig isnt Levi.

    for the record, I do not believe he is. That baby in the kitchen, which looks just like Trig, is very small and was NOT born 4 5 months earlier.