Monday, March 1, 2010

Is the Military Threatening To Kill Obama?

Conspiracy theories are thought provoking and down right scarey. I happened on this article last night about midnight and couldn't put it down. "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!!?" It is long. Very long. There's a lot of background much that your head will spin. Keep reading. You'll find a hundred places where you will want to stop. Your head will throb. Your eyes will blur. Your acid reflux will flare up. Keep reading. Then leave a comment, please. DiAnne

Barack in the Crosshairs

By John Hankey


There is a financial oligarchy in this country, that tries, by every means available to it, to control all essential political activity, including the education of the citizens, their thinking, the information available to them, etc. Some politicians genuinely see themselves as public servants, and wish to serve the public good. They can give passionate and inspiring speeches, spoken truly from the heart ­ but they know good and well that if they want to get elected they must carry out the agenda of the elite.

All politicians, even those trying to make society more fair, must be brought to heel, one way or another. It is not a simple game. And the tools used to control politicians are varied: controlling the information they receive is often effective; some times bribery or a scandal is necessary. It was necessary to shoot John and Robert Kennedy in the head. The bloody deaths of the Kennedy brothers sent a message to every politician, that still echoes today. And I think the evidence shows that Obama received a reminder of this message recently.

The parallels between the administrations of Barack Obama and John Kennedy are stunning: (more)

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