Sunday, February 21, 2010

Join A Virtual March On Washington, DC and Invite Others

Daily Kos is serving as a clearing house for a Virtual March on Washington, DC. Read about it here and pass the information on to others who will join us. Let Washington know that we care and that we support Health Care Reform NOW!

Join Us For The 1,000,000 Voices Virtual Health March!

by slinkerwink

Our campaign has picked up such great momentum since, HCAN, DFA, and SEIU joined aboard. In just a week, thousands of people have joined our Facebook group, and thousands have joined us in support of telling Congress in a very loud voice----FINISH YOUR JOB ON HEALTH CARE REFORM!

We still need more people ready to make those phone calls on February 24th, because we need ALL HANDS ON DECK for this momentous event, so today, can you please ask your friends to join you in making phone calls to Congress?

You can sign up to make the calls here.

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