Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting stuff off my chest about Abortion Legislature

Gestational Sac size = 6 to 12mm
The Embryo is too small to be seen early
in week 5, it is smaller than a grain of rice
This stuff is getting too weird, folks. Surely this isn't true. The GOP wants the IRS to monitor who has had an abortion and prosecute offenders? They can make investigations?

This brings the hair up on the back of my neck. Surely someone has taken liberties in reporting the truth? I read the news and it seems like every week there is another bill to deal with the abortion "problem. " Why is there such a push from the GOP to control women's choices?

And I have never met, nor do I know of any woman who has had to make that decision and felt that it was passe', "no big deal" or of little concern. These kinds of decisions...to end a pregnancy...tear at the core of a woman's soul. But sometimes hard decisions have to be made. Have you been paying attention to the world we live in these days? Really???

There are currently 20 bills that have been introduced since new Republican representatives came into office in January.  Check them out here.

Here are some articles that just begin to touch on some of the crazy, whacko abortion legislature in this country at this time.

And now as I edit this blog one more time, Arizona comes up with another abortion bill...


It looks like this will never stop.

UPDATE: Insurance Bans On Abortion Go For The Jugular

This is even more horrifying and scarey. How do I let women know that their rights to choose are being dismantled piece by piece? Do women care about what we fought for back in the sixties? Are they not aware? Please leave a comment so I can understand.

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