Monday, March 28, 2011

"I refused to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves..."

To read President Obama's Libya Speech, go to 
the only adult in the room.

No more than 30 seconds after President Obama finished his speech, some "news source" pundit was "anal-I-zing" President Obama's speech about our role in Libya.

I am prejudiced, I guess. Yes, all references to cost were absent. But we've already paid for those Tomahawk Missles that were sitting there in some stockpile, and we don't really have to replace them. We have plenty more. We lost a helicopter and we deployed a lot of top gun computer whiz kids to take out Libyan targets that are hundreds of miles away. Throw in some intelligence and a few other special services and we had it covered. I loved it when he said we pulled together an international coalition and reacted to a plea for help in 31 days. I'm impressed.

Yeah, everyone has an opinion and I'm quite happy to have the NATO forces taking over this assignment and the United States taking on a supporting role. We do not need to be going into Libya and dismantling the current leader and government. Those who yell for something more aggressive have never served in the United States armed forces.

I am proud to have helped elect President Obama, and I am proud of what he has accomplished. I shudder to think of the world we would be living in now, if McCain/Palin had prevailed.

Tonight it was all about "the Obama Doctrine" which is what CNN labeled it before the speech was hardly over. What? I like what the obama diary has done with tonight's speech. Check it out .

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