Friday, June 10, 2011

Palin's Emails Are Out...Enjoy Links And Comments From Alaskan Bloggers

After three years, the state of Alaska has finally released over 24K emails under the Palin administration. You can follow these links to get right to the heart of what is uncovered...


Immoral Minority

After most of the afternoon, Politicusa reveals that after sifting through a few thousand initial emails , it seems that those in Alaska who were responsible for releasing these emails are the same people who were appointed by Palin in the first place. So, what we are finding is that they have redacted emails that reveal anything of interest about Palin, but leave in the emails that criticize Palin so it looks like she is the victim again and again. And they don't stop there. They very thoughtfully left the names, addresses and even phone numbers on those emails.

"Once again, Sarah Palin shows a remarkable ability to turn a normal request (freedom of information or open records request in this case) into an opportunity for revenge on citizens whom she feels have wronged her. These emails were so heavily redacted that they tell the same story the upcoming propaganda film tells about Sarah Palin, though not even all of the Palin lawyers could put Sarah the Governor back together again. It’s clear from her emails that Sarah Palin was not governing the state of Alaska; she was a CC on emails between other people who governed for her, with very little guidance, direction or input from Sarah Palin until it came to her myth management."

I won't hold my breath that there is anything worth the time and energy it will take to look through the rest of the emails. They have been combed through and sanitized just like Sarah wanted.

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  1. Just another example of how Palin believes reality can and should be manufactured. I am sure the pre-edited emails would be impossible to decipher anyway, given her grammatical skills.