Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Hopey-Changey Stuff: Jeff Schweitzer on Sarah Palin

Jeff Schweitzer writes on Huffington Post today...

"The country has become divided into people who find Palin's question flesh-crawling creepy, and those who do not. That division has become too wide to bridge; the gulf is permanent, the abyss impassable. You are on one side or the other. You either believe that Palin's question is nothing but pseudo-populism and fake folksy or differently that the question to be evidence she is a woman of the people.

Palin is the Fort Sumter of a new Civil War. As in the previous engagement between the North and South, we have split into two Americas beyond bridging our differences with conversation."

Enjoy the read, it gets even better...


  1. It is something worth reading ... thought provoking. I think that a lot of what General Sherman accomplished might be done (metaphorically) by changing the Senate rules and enforcing party discipline, like the republicans do. Of course, then the Democratic party might not be such a big tent party and have so much diversity in its members.

  2. Jeff this is Sarah and I disagree with what you said, no war is civil! And what does North and South Korea has to do with America.