Friday, February 5, 2010

Emails From Palin Administration Implicate "First Dude" As Shadow Governor - UPDATED!

This just might be the mother lode we've been waiting for. Today MSNBC reported that they have received 3,000 pages of emails from the Palin Administration that show "First Dude" Todd Palin as intimately involved in the day to day governing of the state of Alaska. These emails leave no doubt that Todd Palin sat in on meetings, was privy to confidential information and that he was basically involved in all aspects of the Alaskan state government.

MSNBC reporter, Bill Dedman, speaks of what he has found in this video...

As usual, Keith Olbermann follows up later in the day and sums it up very nicely here...

And we can't forget the hard working Alaskan bloggers and their faithful readers who continue to sift through the emails for shiny nuggets of clarity in the murky waters that was the Alaskan Governor's half-term. The Immoral Minority, Bree Palin (with over 600 comments) and Palingates (with nearly 1,000 comments) are three of my favorites.

UPDATE: This is what Sarah said Sunday morning (Feb.7) on Fox News regarding the emails and Todd's involvement in her governance...

"He was forwarding on emails. And here's another thing. Todd and I being, in some cases, thousands of miles apart, if I emailed him about being, say, outside traveling, Todd's home, he's there, there, as a desktop, and I'm telling Todd, "Hey! Todd! Print this off for me, I'm going to grab it on my way home, because I work off a Blackberry, constantly, for practical reasons, it helped too. Todd helped as Alaska's "First Dude" with no staff. with no office, being thousands of miles away during a lot of times, with his job in Prudhomme Bay on the North Slope and commercial fishing. He helped with workforce development issues, issues that meant a lot to him and people out there, IN THE REAL WORLD. With carhearts, and steeltoed boots and hardhats trying to build this country. Todd helped in that respect. He never got into the minutiae of the politics, Todd's too good for that, he hates this kind of periphery political bull-stuff that we go through. He's not a part of any of that and, no, more power to Todd for being a good adviser and being a good practical person with common sense solutions."



  1. Sarah Palin may be trying to back-up what her attorney said when he told that Todd "properly" played a significant role in her administration. However, she does describe him as a gopher/errand-boy in your quote, too.

  2. . . . which means he is merely a private citizen and not entitled to "executive privilege". We have it straight from the horse's a**, er, mouth. Release the redacted emails!